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Online hulp, over internet, van pc, computer , laptop tot 2 in 1

Dubbel beveiligde remote hulp verbinding, geen admin mogelijkheid tenzij ú ja of ok klikt per opdracht.(is zelden of niet nodig)


remote hulp over internet

Het is of de expert (30+ jaar ervaring, dus snel) bij u is en uw keyboard en muis kan gebruiken. De hond hoeft niet in een kamer opgesloten, snel uw scherm eens stofvrij maken, nvt, in bed liggend, allemaal mogelijk met online remote hulp.

Ook voor website opzetten, onderhoud, les zodat u zelf uw website kan vullen, online reclame, SEO expert ( zoekmchine, goed vindbaar zijn, pagina 1 of 2 . . .)

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Quantum entanglement explained?

Quantum entanglement, did my dream have it explained and ‘proven by an easy comparison’ ?

2 sub atomic electrons meet, they go to the same spin and state.

After that, where ever they are they both behave instantly the same. (Pardon my grammar for i am dutch)

My theory is so simple, it might be it, the explanation, for now… until proven otherwise, or a better theory is formed.

They are complex and simple in one, like a computer, but not far as complex as a brain.

My explenation is: they mimic together, like natures laws real-identical twins.

They do not follow each others movements over distances the same time, when they met and synced,  ‘they where set on a path’ , ‘programmed’ !, to behave in a if this > then that, sync-state.

It sounds ‘simple’ and it may be just that.


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Best photo picture app is …?

The best app 28-07-2016 for pictures is ….

Available for ios and soon also for android.

It uses AI and other technology, shoots 10 pictures in half a second and presents you the best, or best 2.

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