Quantum entanglement explained and proven ?

Quantum entanglement, did my dream have it explained and ‘proven by an easy comparison’ ?

2 sub atomic electrons meet, they go to the same spin and state.

After that, where ever they are they both behave instantly the same. (Pardon my grammar for i am dutch)

My theory is so simple, it might be it, the explanation, for now… until proven otherwise, or a better theory is formed.

They are complex and simple in one, like a computer, but not far as complex as a brain.

My explenation is: they mimic together, like natures laws real-identical twins.

They do not follow each others movements over distances the same time, when they met and synced,  ‘they where set on a path’ , ‘programmed’ !, to behave in a if this > then that, sync-state.

It sounds ‘simple’ and it may be just that.


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Best photo picture app is …?

The best app 28-07-2016 for pictures is ….


Available for ios and soon also for android.

It uses AI and other technology, shoots 10 pictures in half a second and presents you the best, or best 2.

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Latest news updates


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